Gawader Industrial Estate Development Authorities

To promote industrial development, the Government of Balochistan has initiated several measures and provided various incentives. Setting up of industrial estates is one of such measure.   The Provincial Government is responsible for planning, developing and maintaining the industrial estates. The Federal Government off and on provides the required financial assistance for setting up of industrial estates. 

It is worth mentioning that Government may allot plots for industrial and commercial under specific rules, act, and policy. Gawadar Industrial Estate yet under development process, however, investors are looking forward for early allotment of industrial and commercial plots. Presently no proper rules, regulations etc. for allotment, cancellation and re-allotment industrial and commercial plots exists in Gawadar Industrial Estate Development (GIEDA). Therefore, it is felt necessary that proper Rules may be prepared for approval and vetting from the competent authority, to come into force and GIEDA may allot plot as per Rules, 2019.